GDPR Policy

European Data Subject Rights.

You have certain rights and protections under the law regarding the collection, processing, and use of information about you. As a resident of a country in the EEA, you have the right provided by Chapter 3 of GDPR. If you would like to exercise any of these rights, please contact us with a reasonable proof that you are subject to these rights.

Please note, as we already stated most information we deal with is anonymized when we receive and process it, therefore, we cannot identify you individually. You need to provide us with some additional information to enable us to identify the user information you are referring to, it may be technologically impossible to identify your information, although we will try to accurately fulfil your request. Please be aware that we are not a company located in the EEA, nor did we design our technologies to serve EEA purposes.

Data Storage

  • We only store information in case of necessity. Typically, we delete all the information quarterly based on the analysis of the traffic and inventory quality control. Some information such as cookies may expire in accordance with your device settings.
  • We do not need such information and we usually delete it unless it is necessary for performing our services to the client.
  • Please be aware that certain laws and regulations may subject us to store user information for a particular period of time: money-laundering laws, financial reporting regulations, tax laws etc.
  • Furthermore, we may have to comply with the decision of the court of appropriate jurisdiction and maintain information for the longer period.

We share user information that we collect as follows:

  • We share information with our clients. 

It is done to help them identify, buy advertising, and target particular publishers. Clients may use this information in conjunction with other information they have independently collected to provide you targeted advertising materials. They also evaluate and analyse particular advertisement campaigns, inventory, etc.

  • Change of Control. 

We may share user information in connection with mergers, acquisitions, events of change of control, including but not limited to sale or transfer of all or a part of our business or assets. In this case, your informed consent, if applicable, will be granted to a new entity in accordance with the event of a change of control.

  • Compliance with laws and regulations. 

We may share user information with law enforcement, regulatory authorities, courts with competent jurisdictions, emergency services or other necessary third parties for legal, protection, security, and safety purposes, including but not limited to the purpose of compliance with laws or regulatory requirements and to responses to lawful requests including requests of governmental entities, enforcement of our own policies and agreements, protection of our clients, agents, employees, directors, officers and alike.

  • Other service providers. 

Advertiser, Publisher, SSP, DSP, and DMP services are based on specific platforms that actively communicate with other platforms, including but not limited to other SSP, DSP, and DMP platforms. Additionally, we use services of various third parties in order to analyse data, prevent fraud, host data, maintain, and support our client’s platforms, and for such other and further related services that are necessary to provide our services.
Your Choices to Avoid Targeted Advertising.

  • Please be aware that although we believe that targeted advertisement is beneficial for all parties involved, we do not circumvent any devices, and there are many ways and technologies to stop receiving targeted advertising that our clients may apply using our technology. Note that different platforms and devices use different identifiers and different technologies, and also that each browser and each device has its own applicable settings. Please be advised that should you delete your cookies the information of your withdrawal from a targeted advertisement may also be deleted.
  • Same may be applicable to cookie-blocks.
  • If your consent to the targeted advertisement was granted through the application, please withdraw your consent directly from that application. In addition, your device setting likely allows you to generally withdraw or block personalized advertising: for instance, in iOS, you can do that by changing appropriate “Limit Ad Tracking” setting; on Android devices, you can do so by changing “Opt out of Ads Personalization” setting. Please be advised that this Provision is not intended to serve as your user manual for your device, and you should always contact the manufacturer to obtain all relevant information on how to withdraw your consent.